Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

There was no warning this time
There were no wailing sirens
No foreboding rain
Hurricane season came in the night
Every night
Every night each boy died
Bullet to the back


We were whipped up into the
Dark dirty whirlwind
And flipping around
Slamming into other bodies
We drew our weapons
Firing shots into the night




To dear life
we clung
scraping with bloodied nails
into the flesh of the other
thinking we protected
“our own.”

Twisted tongues and contorted minds
Round and round the wild merry-go-round in the sky
The other is always other, stranger
and danger
You’re the victim
(S)he’s the predator
Killing, aborting, stealing (jobs), raping


“Protect our babes!”
from abortion,
the blacks,
and the Muslims

In the same breath of birth
we swallow up life
from a thousand others.

In the name of Jesus.

From that midnight’s blackened sky
Thunder crashes
Reverberating in the empty homes
Where children were sacrificed
And from which families fled

And Where Is The Love?
In the midst of this hurricane

It’s Win or lose
Black or Blue
The Free get to choose
Between the orphaned, the gay, the homeless, the slave
Their own objects of sacrifice
To wear upon their breast
Their words of weapon
To draw when ready


The monsters come out of the sky
And dance with God
Kicking and screaming
At the sight of foreign shores
Foreign skin
and children
or men
Always falling
Is there up or down?
heaven or hell
In a perpetual, chaotic wind?

Tangled tongues and enangered minds
Round and round the wild merry-go-round in the sky
What if instead of throwing sharpened sticks
Into that other flesh cloaked in blindness
You grabbed the other flailing bodies
By the hand
And touched that leprous skin?

What would happen then?